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Alleviate Sports Therapy Clinic Room
Clinic Opening Times: 
Mondays - 1pm - 9pm
Tuesdays - 9.30am - 3pm
Wednesdays - 9.30am - 9pm
Thursdays & Fridays - pre-booked only.

Alleviate Sports Therapy Bedford;
             • Sports Massage                   Soft Tissue Therapy
             • Pregnancy Massage            • Aroma Sport Massage
             • Sports Injuries Therapy      • Sports Injuries Rehabilitation
             • Ultrasound Therapy            • Stretching Therapy
     The Alleviate Sports Therapy Clinic is located in the Riverfield Drive area of Bedford. You will find free parking on-site in this central Bedford location.
     You may think you have to have a sports injury to justify sports massage and therapy, but this is not so. Everyday stresses and injuries can be treated with sports therapy. These are some conditions that sports therapy can help:
                     > Back Pain                              > Neck Ache
                   > Sciatica                                  > Shoulder Injuries
                   > Tight Muscles                        > Hip Discomfort
                   > Whiplash                                > Tendonitis
                   > Knee Pain                              > Tennis/Golfers' Elbow
                   > Plantarfascitis                        > Ankle sprains
                   > Sports Injuries                        > Running Injuries
"I am a regular marathon runner and I visited Erin for a foot injury. She suspected a more intricate nerve injury was present and therefore referred me to a foot specialist. I required a minor operation and am now back on my road to recovery (and running)! Thanks to her initial assessment and accurate diagnosis!"
"I suffered from sciatica and lower back pain, after seeking Erins' help of regular sports massage, I soon returned to normal physical health."
"I used to have terrible problems with back pain & my back seizing up, but since seeing Erin for sports therapy treatment, it's never felt better!"
"My experience of sports therapy with Erin has been very positive and her approach has been sympathetic and professional. She has helped me adjust my lifestyle in retirement so that I can fully enjoy outdoor activities and my fitness programme."
- C.H.
"I have been seeing Erin for sports massage for nearly 3 years. As an aging runner(!) I find my sessions with her to be of both therapeutic and motivational value. Erin is a real inspiration and I wish her continued success with her business."
Prices for Sports Massage/Sports Therapy:
30 minute sports massage/therapy appt- £30
45 minute sports massage/therapy appt- £38
Full body sports massage/therapy (1hr appt) - £46
Pregnancy massage (30mins) - £30
Pregnancy massage (1hour) - £46
Deluxe Sports Massage (90mins) - £65
     Here at Alleviate Sports Therapy, you can also book in for injury assessments, sports injuries advice, posture assessments, soft tissue techniques, stretching sessions, pregnancy massage, aroma sport massage, sports injuries rehabilitation and much more!
PLEASE NOTE: The Alleviate Sports Therapy Cancellation policy requires
a full 24 hours notice to cancel any appointment. If this is not fulfilled, you are to pay a £10 fee. Late cancellations block appointments that others would happily fill.
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